We believe our memberships are the very best in Corby in terms of value and quality. Here you will find our current special offers on all of our amazing memberships. 

Leisure Membership

Our most popular membership that includes 2 amazing leisure facilities for one amazing price...

Only £29.99 a Month
(£19.99 a Month for Full Time Students)

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Swim Only

This is for those swimming enthusiasts that simply want to swim...


Only £24.00 a Month

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This membership is all about young people. An amazing price packed full of things for children aged 5 - 15 years of age...

Only £12.50 a Month

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For some people, being a full member is not the best option.That is why we have Pay As You Go. Below you will also find prices about our other services, not included in the leisure membership too but may be of interest to you. 

Remember, our loyalty card scheme is a great way to save on these sessions as well. See below for more information.

Loyalty Card Scheme

Pay As You Go members receive a discount if they purchase this card annually. Loyalty Points are accrued each time you purchase an eligible item.

Also enables access to our concession scheme for:



Senior Citizens
Full Time Students
Low Income


Armed Forces

(Card is free for Leisure Members)

Athlete Concentrating

F.A.S.T. Pass

The F.A.S.T. (Free Access to Sporting Talent) Scheme has been running since 2009, offering support to nurture gifted and talented Sportsmen and Sportswomen of all ages in the Borough.


North Northamptonshire Council is dedicated to supporting all our talented athletes and does this by allowing these athletes FREE membership at Corby East Midlands International Pool and Lodge Park Sports Centre in Corby for their training needs.

To date, over 55 athletes have successfully accessed the scheme and been supported with their training.